POS Integration

Point of Sale Integration specifically with Clover


Headquartered in Santa Ana, CA with operations based in Arkansas, Bucket had the vision of capturing a cash paying customer’s physical change into a digital piggy bank for every cash transaction. This would allow for a greener coin-less future where cash is still king and change would conveniently saved into a users bucket. 


Bucket Technologies


Santa Ana, CA


UI/UX Designer

The Challenge

This project was for a startup Headquartered in Santa Ana, CA with operations based in Arkansas. Tools for a cash buyer to save their change in their bucket account for future use or cash out. Free for the retailer and the consumer, the company envisioned integrations for every pos kiosk in the US. 


It was important for this application to be simple and easy for a user to operate with little to no specialized training.
This application is intended for employees to use at participating retail locations.


Ease of use was the primary objective of this application as well as a simple and clean interface. In POS integrations, there is no room for a user to be uncertain or confused during the process.



Presentation to Project leads and design was refined. 


Handoff and of UI Component Library. When designs are fully completed the Handoff process for development happens. I use tools in Azure to ensure proper handoff with development. 

Transaction Complete Page

Integration to print QR on receipts

Sketch/Protopie Prototypes Available by Request

Transaction and Summary of Items

Dark Mode Compatible

Simple Flow for the Process