Back Office Solutions

Back office solutions for Client Management being utilized across multiple teams worldwide.


Saddleback is based in Lake Forest, California. It was founded by Pastor Rick Warren in 1980. The church has grown to have multiple campuses in California and around the world. Saddleback has made a significant impact in the world through its ministry, outreach, and innovation. It is a church that seeks to be a sanctuary for hope and healing for people from all walks of life.




Remote/Lake Forest


UI/UX Designer

The Challenge

The objective of the project was to create a back office tool to help manage a multi national and multi campus church with hundreds of thousands of members and attendees. There is a wide array users with different personas that is managing the system and it needs to be scaleable for large and small campuses. This back office application is quite extensive and the tools needed to manage all members and attenders are feature rich. The process from analysis to execution is down below.


There was a need for an array of tools for task completion and management. A need to create a system where no attendees fall through the cracks no matter the campus or user.


We started with wireframes to solution the client ask. Then we moved to creating and updating a design system with components that are both functional and scaleable. 



The process of creating prototypes and demoing to client. From there, user testing and the refinement process to move from concept to completed designs.


Handoff and of UI Component Library. When designs are fully completed the Handoff process for development happens. I use tools in Azure to ensure proper handoff with development. 

Task Management

Task Management/Detailed Information

Sketch/Protopie Prototypes Available by Request

Not Limited to: Task Management, Settings, Form/Content Creation, Etc…

Content Management

Form Management and Settings

Form Creation

Form Creation (Drag and Drop Interaction)


Settings Detail