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Hey There! I’m a product designer in The Greater Los Angeles, Orange County area with many years of design and research experience for mobile applications, enterprise systems, web and more.


Featured Projects

Just a couple of my more recent projects. Feel free to browse my portfolio to see more.

Mobile Engagement Application

A companion app the general public can use with to watch videos, take notes, and find out more about the church.

Staff Back Office Mobile App

The best features available on the Back Office web tool, as a simplified iOS/Android Application for Staff and Volunteers.


A short list of a few clients I’ve worked with.

my services

UI/UX/Product Design

We all know the difference between form and function. While it’s important to make things beautiful, it’s just as important for UI to make sense. I’ll make sure things work from a user experience standpoint. I care about how things look and function.

I Design and make Other Things

I’m a UI/UX Designer, but I also have a few other tricks up my sleeves. I love print, manufacturing, and working with my hands. I design and create physical products and bespoke items on occasion. Simple printing services and bespoke manufacturing are both available.

UI/UX Design

A solution for a world that is ever changing. Let us design and build something that is fast and fluid.


What are the user needs, pain points, motivations, mental modes, context and aspirations? How can we better understand the problem and find better solutions? 

Component Library Design System

As technology evolves, there is a need to adapt and keep designs systems updated and innovative. Creating and maintaining design systems should be at the forefronts of any design team. 

Built From Scratch

Do you have existing content? Are you building your company identity from scratch? Either way, we got you.

Branding and Printing Services

Not only do we have stellar design services, we also provide a whole suite of printing services. Bring in your artwork, and we’ll handle production.

Web Services

If you want a full service website design and hosted, no problem. Just design? No problem. We can maintain and update your site or we can hand off the keys. No problem. 

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About Me

I’ve been in the industry for about 15 years doing various things like UI/UX design, research, print design and marketing.

Good design influences the world around us and I’m dedicated to providing user centered design that makes sense in all fields.  I enjoy designing, tinkering and making things in my free time. I believe good industrial design and digital product design are closely related. Visit my ‘Other Projects‘ section to find out more. Otherwise check out my UI/UX Portfolio to see some of my projects. 


  • Branding/Identity
  • Custom Manufacturing/Printing
  • UI/UX Design
  • UX Research