Bucket Mobile App

An app that revolutionizes how we use cash. Bucket  allows a user to scan receipts, save and spend money with their online piggy bank.


Headquartered in Santa Ana, CA with operations based in Arkansas, Bucket had the vision of capturing a cash paying customer’s physical change into a digital piggy bank for every cash transaction. This would allow for a greener coin-less future where cash is still king and change would conveniently saved into a users bucket. 


Bucket Technologies


Santa Ana, CA


UI/UX Designer

The Challenge

Bucket captures all of the value of coins while eliminating the need to physically move them. If a user visits a participating retailer and makes a purchase with cash, they could then scan a receipt and the value would then be available to the user to cash out in several ways. With the Bucket app, a user has the option to cash out with a gift card, a prepaid card or simply donate to a charity of the users choice. Never hassle with coins again and enjoy the convenience of accessing your cash online.


This Arkansas based startup was looking to develop a custom application with a target user base in their mid twenties to mid forties.


The team started with flows while mapping out all possible outcomes and permutations. A design system was created with a simple feature set.



Prepared demos and prototypes for presenting all departments/stakeholders. Refining process based on feedback and user input.


Provided stylesheets,  documentation and completed designs for development purposes. 

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