Peak Harvest Produce

Branding and Responsive Website

PROJECT  Peak Harvest Produce Branding / Website

DURATION  3 Months

ROLE  UI/UX Designer


Peak Harvest Produce is a produce company who sources produce from California, Texas, Mexico and abroad. Branding, and Responsive website were deliverables and quick turn around was essential.


  1. Provide Effective Branding and Logo
  2. Simple and Direct Informational Website Delivered in 3 Months
  3. Component Library Needed from the ground up
  4. Must be Scaleable as platform grows
php responsive website


The project kickoff involved understanding user needs, defining objectives, and creating a vision for branding and responsive website. Initially logo, colors, styleguide were created then wireframing, and usability testing for the website.

Who are our users?

Simplicity is the main directive. Less is More.

How can we scale up for the next iteration?

What makes us different?

Initial Logo Ideas

After initial conversation with client on logo design, these were some of logo designs that were explored. Client requested a simple design with that depicts citrus fruit which is the companies main crop.

peak harvest initial logo concepts


The final logo depicts a citrus fruit over the bold words ‘Peak Harvest Produce’. The fruit also represents the sun peaking over the horizon. The design is bold, subtle and impactful. The image depicts the logo over a white and dark background.

peak harvest produce logo

Site Map / Flows

The goal was to create a simple website that gives the user the ability to easily navigate the site and get crucial information. Simple flows gave a general idea of how the site would function.

site map for php

Style guide

For Peak Harvest, the brand identity and style guide was to keep it simple and minimal. With our scaleable component library, the company has the resources to quickly grow and iterate as the page will be further built out in the future.

peak harvest produce stylesheet


As someone invested in health and wellness, it was my privilege to work on the branding and website for this project. With a minimalist design and responsive website the company has very clear and concise messaging. Users and stakeholders were excited about the initial the concept, prototypes and final design. The final takeaway was that simplistic design can speak volumes and with our scaleable component library, the company has all the resources to quickly grow and iterate.