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Saddleback is based in Lake Forest, California. It was founded by Pastor Rick Warren in 1980. The church has grown to have multiple campuses in California and around the world. Saddleback has made a significant impact in the world through its ministry, outreach, and innovation. It is a church that seeks to be a sanctuary for hope and healing for people from all walks of life.




Remote/Lake Forest


UI/UX Designer

The Challenge

Historically, Saddleback relied on a back office web tool to manage the church and it’s operations. Often times their leadership is on the go, and the desktop tool isn’t very mobile friendly. The client wanted a mobile application that’s simpler and less cumbersome to use for their staff. Saddleback needed a quick and easy way for staff to complete tasks, follow up with members, check metrics, etc, etc. While the mobile app needed to be easy and simple to use, the feature set was robust.


There was an existing library for the Mobile Engagement App to be leveraged; There were many features to bring into this mobile application; Feature functionality was preexisting on the back office tool. 


Using the existing component library from the mobile engagement app as a launching pt, a new component library with a new look and feel was made.  Added gesture actions to components.



Prepared extensive mockups and wireframes early on and met with stakeholders and clients along with some user test groups. Agile development with feature adds and continual updates



With agile development, handoffs are frequent for all feature sets. Designs are completed and pushed to production feature by feature. Utilized Azure to ensure proper handoff with development. 


Flows were created for each feature handled by the Ministry App. With such a comprehensive feature list, flows were necessary to plot out actions taken by the user.

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Sketch/Protopie Prototypes Available by Request

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