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Saddleback is based in Lake Forest, California. It was founded by Pastor Rick Warren in 1980. The church has grown to have multiple campuses in California and around the world. Saddleback has made a significant impact in the world through its ministry, outreach, and innovation. It is a church that seeks to be a sanctuary for hope and healing for people from all walks of life.




Remote/Lake Forest


UI/UX Designer

The Challenge

Saddleback members and attenders relied on the website and in service print outs in order to connect to the church. Saddleback needed a mobile application designed for members and attenders with capabilities like note taking, reading, viewing video, audio files, event check in, child check in, giving and more.  The members who will use the app have very differing personas with a wide age range and technical knowledge ranging from young and tech savvy and older members. 


A quick launch was necessary from client direction, so it was very important to start with a flexible and scaleable component library. Feature set is very rich with many tools needed for general users.


React Native was the chosen framework and library was based mainly on components there. We started with wireframes and the design of a new design system.


Lots of wireframes and prototyping early on. We used some A/B testing with demos for clients and user test groups. Agile development with a lot of moving parts and continual updates.


With agile development, handoffs are frequent for all feature sets. Designs are completed and pushed to production feature by feature. I use tools in Azure to ensure proper handoff with development. 

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